Reprinted from Ill Eagle 11 oct 2000


I have found massive censorship by the lucrative AIDS Industry

My research into pandemic censorship in my own fields, for instance electromagnetic theory, led me to study censorship in other disciplines, finally lighting on AIDS, where censorship has had the most serious repercussions. I then studied the politics of the AIDS Industry for more than ten years, and signed up to the list of scientists demanding a rethink of AIDS fundamentals.

Mr. Mbeki took over Mandela's mantle as President of South Africa. One night, unable to sleep, he surfed the www, and stumbled on suppressed information, which can be reached via Nobel Prizewinner Mullis or Warman on my website

With 10% of his country adjudged HIV+, and with Glaxo-Wellcome, whose HQ is next door to our 28oct00 conference in London, charging $11,000 per patient per year for their lethal AZT 'medicine', he already knew that his country had a major problem.

Mbeki read that false positive diagnoses by both the fashionable HIV tests were likely in a country like South Africa, the real culprit being malnutrition, tuberculosis, malaria, or other. In any case, the test was too expensive, so that in Africa, diagnosis was usually made without the test.

That sleepless night, Mbeki's discovery that a major group of scientists worldwide disagreed with all the generally held facts, which I will call 'factoids', underlying the AIDS industry, brought him up sharp. It cannot have helped him to get to sleep. He knew immediately that he might have the solution to the financial crisis faced by SA as a result of extortionate AZT prices, but he could not have imagined the scale, power and commitment of the forces ranged on the side of the $4 billion p.a. AIDS Industry.

In 1994, Warman, after writing; History may well prove the HIV/AIDS phenomenon to be the greatest public scandal of the late 1980s and early 1990s, listed the major disputed facts as follows;

- who discovered HIV?

- the role of HIV in causing AIDS

- the origin of HIV

- the definition of AIDS and geographical variation in the way it manifests itself

- the reliability of the test for HIV

- the efficacy of AZT in treating and preventing AIDS

Although there is minor disagreement between the suppressed dissidents, every expert whom I respect agrees that AIDS will not break out of the ghetto, and also that it is not sexually transmitted by normal copulation. They all agree that the main threat to life is the treatment for AIDS, making it an iatrogenic disease (one caused by the doctor's treatment). To check this, go to Woolworths, and for 2, buy Medicines. A Comprehensive Guide, pub. Bloomsbury 1995, which lists the side effects of every prescribed drug. You will find that the side-effects of AZT, DDC and DDI, the drugs fed to those who have been diagnosed HIV+, are identical with the symptons of AIDS. Thus, it is not those who are ill, but rather those who are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed HIV+, who are doomed, unless they refuse the drug treatment. Refusal has proved very difficult for new-born babies of mothers diagnosed HIV+. Babies are particularly vulnerable to these lethal drugs, so that some parents have escaped from Britain in the face of court orders forcing them to drug their babies.

The first crack in the monolith which is the AIDS Industry appeared when Andrew Neil, Editor of the Sunday Times, supported research by his reporter Neville Hodgkinson's, and paid for him to travel the world to interview all the key players in the drama, for instance Dr. Eleni Eleopulos in Perth, Australia.

Today, the best book on the tragedy remains Neville Hodgkinson, AIDS The Failure of Contemporary Science, pub. Fourth Estate 1994. When Murdoch fired Neil, Neil claims because he was jealous of Neil's success, the new editor and his staff reverted to Establishment AIDS theory, behaving as if Hodgkinson and his reports had never existed. In the following ten years, prior comment on AIDS in The Sunday Times has been ignored by The Sunday Times, including letters asking today's Editor why he ignores his paper's past.

Mbeki has formed an international committee which includes key AIDS dissidents, for instance Duesberg and the man described as a hero by Andrew Neil, Professor Stewart. Mbeki poses a major threat to a worldwide AIDS Industry, dominated by a highly corrupt WHO, the NIH and by Wellcome. I feel that the Industry and its credulous running-dogs will succeed in isolating and destroying Mbeki. They are describing him as arrogant, racist, another Mugabe, deranged, a tyrant, an enemy of the people, and so on. (Sunday Times 27aug00 sect5 p3, Telegraph 16sep00 p19, Times 11july00 p14). None of the reports ever gives access to the dissident websites or to any other dissidents or their websites. The Industry has to destroy Mbeki. There is so much money at stake, and also so many reputations and "research" funding. The AIDS Industry will continue to rumble along, killing its victims with poisonous drugs. However, you can help a little by warning HIV+ victims to look at these websites, and to learn about the threat that the prescribed drugs pose to their lives.

AIDS and Apartheid

- Tim Butcher,

Telegraph, 21sep00, p22

South Africa's Anglican Church said yesterday that government inaction on Aids ranked as a crime against humanity comparable to apartheid.

The statement from the head of the Church .... heightened the government's isolation over Aids. .... ".... a crime against humanity," it said.

The trade unions and some political parties have also attacked the government's stand, heightening a sense of crisis over the issue.

President Thabo Mbeki and the Health Minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, claim that poverty and other diseases as well as HIV cause Aids. ....

Mr Mbeki maintained his position yesterday, insisting that doubts about the true causes of Aids had been raised by "very eminent scientists".

"There are other things that result in the collapse of the immune system," he said.

.... Mr Mbeki says more research is needed into the toxicity of the drugs offered by Western firms, though they are used elsewhere.

He faced further attack on the subject yesterday when the South African Human Rights Commission said it was considering suing the government over its refusal to provide drugs to counter the development of HIV into Aids....

Mr Mbeki's stance on Aids is increasingly isolating him internationally and domestically....

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