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2000 Conference

ManKind Conference 2001
Saturday 15th September, 2001. 10am - 9pm.
Friends House, Euston Rd., London. Opposite Euston Station

The main speakers will be followed later in the day by a session devoted to short synopses of suppression in individual members' cases.

The third session will be discussion of the structure of suppression, and the way forward.

At 5pm we retire to the Quaker International Centre (QIC), 1-3 Byng Place, where the conference will continue until 9pm.

There will be a break for dinner at the QIC at 6pm.

Conference Mission Statement

Judges have set the fuse on a social nuclear time bomb. Daily, fathers are being driven out of their families and properties - effectively disenfranchised from Society - but no one knows.

In 1996 we told the late Donald Dewar MP; "If the family courts were public, the number of allegations of sexual abuse would drop by 95%."

The process of smearing is now second nature in the media and in the secret family courts. It makes for fabulous headlines but when the cases fall flat the public is never told.

Secrecy and Suppression go hand in hand with Perjury and Corruption, disfiguring our society. The scandals of BSE, the Iraq 'supergun' fiasco, and AIDS are examples of misinformation and deception.

The Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four amply illustrate that British Justice is in crisis. The secret family courts, which have become more or less illegal in their daily operation, are in the vanguard of what is creeping into other areas.

There is now a tangible air of suppression as the result of censorship, which extends throughout our secretive society.

The speakers at this year's Mankind National Conference will tell us about the effects of censorship in their specialist fields, and also the wider philosophical, ethical and social implications for a society which tolerates censorship on the present scale.

Ivor Catt.
(Conference Organiser)



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