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Issue 8. 2oct92.

"... Consider some question of public moment that significantly involves science - the AIDS epidemic, for example. This disease is complex .... We might ... expect the experts to conduct an on-going airing of differences... Yet this is not what we observe in the American AIDS policy. Scientists and health officials present a united voice for a single policy option, which they vigorously advocate .... public debate between experts never occurred....

"... pre-emption of public choice by experts,.... Politicians have .... abetted it."

- H Caton, "Product Control in the Truth Industry", Australian journal SEARCH, vol 20, no. 1, jan-feb89, pp24-26. (Ironically, H Caton does not endorse the Pascal AIDS theory.) [28mar95. Now see his book on AIDS; "The Aids Mirage", pub. Univ. of NSW Press, Sydney, 2052, 1994.] [This copy printed 02/10/98]

Some years ago, my extensive research into the Politics of Knowledge led me to write to Brian Martin in Australia that I believed that if one came up with a potentially major contribution towards the amelioration of the AIDS epidemic, one would be prevented from publishing it. Brian responded by saying that he knew such a man, Louis Pascal in New York (LP). Thus began my relationship with LP. (Technically, LP thought he could ameliorate further epidemics which would follow in the wake of AIDS, but the difference is trivial.) I had successfully concluded a scientific test on my theory of suppression in science; predicted suppression, then looked for it, then found it. More was to follow, but first we shall go through a few details of the LP suppression. In July 1985 an expert panel assembled by WHO decided the (later to become) LP theory was not credible, and dismissed the subject (1). In May 1987 Eva Snead, a San Antonio physician, announced on New York local radio the theory that contaminated live oral polio vaccine(OPV) led to AIDS. Later, after being made more rigorous, this became the LP theory. Publication of the LP theory has been blocked since 1988 (1). The independent decision by Herbert Ratner, M.D., specialist in preventive medicine, public health director of Oak Park, Illinois, to link OPV with AIDS, was blocked by The Lancet. (2).

With LP suppressed, B Elswood and Tom Curtis, unknowing, set about "re-inventing Pascal's wheel" (3) in 1991. In 1992 they succeeded in publishing the LP theory in the general press. Meanwhile, The Lancet, who admitted to suppressing Pascal for five years (4), published a rudimentary version of the theory by Kyle (5). The suppression made Kyle the fourth independent party to develop the LP theory.

After coming under the hammer from G. Moran for suppressing LP, Editor Gillon published an editorial about how and why he had rejected LP's paper five years earlier (6).

Professors Lecatsas et al. could not publish when they developed ideas similar to those of LP. "I have tried to publish results in Nature, British Medical Journal and to comment in New Scientist. All were rejected with negative and often nonsensical comments. Certainly we are trying to get our results published but 'rocking the boat' is something the establishment often does not tolerate." (7)

Case 2. Luc Montagnier's Paris team discovered the HIV virus but was prevented from publishing it for a year. They sent a sample to the powerful Gallo at the US National Institute of Health (NIH), hoping he would help them to publish their discovery. Instead, he seemed to appropriate the sample and the credit for the discovery. He did help Montagnier to publish, but destroyed the message by adding a misleading abstract to Montagnier's paper, thus turning it into a support paper for his own (now admittedly false) ideas, which Montagnier was trying to dispute (8). The Paris team believe that the ensuing argument delayed treatment of AIDS sufferers for one year, so they dropped their priority claim in order to prevent further loss of life.

Case 3. Peter Duesberg broached the dissident idea that HIV did not lead to AIDS. He lost his $350,000 p.a. research grant from NIH and is prevented from publishing his concerns. "It's frozen out" says Dr. Charles Thomas, the group's co-ordinator, even though Montagnier, the acknowledged discoverer of the HIV virus, has sharply shifted his position on the cause of AIDS (9). PD is always ignored, e.g. in The Guardian, 22 July 1992.


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Please ask Ivor Catt for details of suppression of further apparently major advances which run the gamut of science. The scientists are Theocharis, H Lipschutz, I Catt, W Holland, J Ferguson, G Moran, H Hillman.

Please ask Ivor for a postscript to this item, file no. blp. Caton has now (1994) published a book on AIDS, "The AIDS Mirage".


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