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Sally Oliver, Cantab Fund, The Cambridge Foundation, 10 Trumpington St., Cambridge CB2 1QA
cc A Painter, Trinity 94 cc The Master, Trinity College, Cambridge
cc The Vice Chancellor, Cambridge University.
cc The Engineering Society, Cambridge Dept. of Engineering, Trumpington St., Cambridge

Dear Sally Oliver,

Fundraising for Cambridge

I quote from your sep98 fund-raising letter to me;

With your pledge today, you can help to ensure Cambridge remains at the forefront of world learning.

My book The Catt Anomaly tells the story of misconduct by the then Master of Trinity and his chosen expert, a Fellow of Trinity College, when threatened by scientific advance. There is a copy in Trinity College library.

Now, the Italian book by Federico di Trocchio, Il Genio Incompreso, pub. Mondadori 1997, gives a great deal of detail of the misconduct by Professor Pepper FRS of the Cavendish and Trinity, and by the then Master of Trinity, who was also supposed to have expertise in the relevant field, when confronted by, and then obstructing, scientific advance of the kind Newton engaged in. The German edition of his book was published in 1998 by Campus under the title Newtons Koffer - Geniale Aussensetter, Die Wissenschaft Blamierten.

You enclosed a letter by A Painter, Trinity '94, from which I quote;

Mind you, it was pretty stunning going to the

same college that Sir Isaac Newton went to!

The new Vice Chancellor of Cambridge, himself supposedly having expertise in the relevant field, ignores correspondence on the matter.

The advances spurned by all sectors of Cambridge University, published in Wireless World between dec78 and dec88, were the subject of a joint paper in the IEE Professional Group S7 at their annual gathering on 10 July 1998, to be published in the appropriate IEE journal.

I.E.E. 1998 article

The IEE made some effort to investigate the contradictory responses to The Catt Anomaly by Pepper FRS, Trinity and Cavendish, and the Reader in Electromagnetism from another University. Those two refuse to comment on the matter, or to inter-communicate.

[..McEwan.. Refuses to say more about the Catt Anomaly.]

The Engineering Lecturer running the Cambridge Engineering Society, of which I am a member, has always evaded my offer to lecture to the Society on the subject.

Hostility to and fear of scientific advance by an institution which asks for funding to further scientific advance is preposterous, more so when it quotes Newton, who would certainly have been blocked by today's Cambridge University.

Should I fund the growth of this anti-academic cancer, Cambridge University?

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt M.A., Trinity College.

Extract from the book The Catt Anomaly pub. Westfields Press 1996,

order email ivorcatt@electromagnetism.demon.co.uk

It was ever thus.
Why the Catt Anomaly must be ignored and why Theory C must disappear from the record.

The Secretary,
The Engineering Society,
Cambridge Dept. of Engineering,
Trumpington St.,

 I would like to offer to lecture to the Engineering Society on electromagnetic theory. Details of what I have to offer are on my website. A good subject would the Catt Anomaly, which was the main content of my joint paper given to the IEE with Dr. Arnold Lynch on 10july98. You can see this on my website.

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt 29jan99
Second copy sent 19feb99. Third copy sent 16apr99.
Fourth copy sent 8feb00


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