Until fathers are willing to damage their children as much as mothers and our courts routinely do, our children will continue to suffer.

All that blusters is not power.

He who enters the court embarks on the slippery slope to oblivion.

Just because they wear whigs, they think they can break the law.

A father who builds up assets aims a knife at the heart of his family.

"....The increase in the chances of partnerships and marriages ending as lone parenthood means commitment is more likely to be withheld across the board from the start in all families of married couples ....., not just in lone-parent situations that already exist." - Norman Dennis, Rising Crime and the Dismembered Family, pub. I.E.A. 1993, ( 0171 799 2137

Only an irresponsible father develops close emotional ties with his child.

Goebbels would agree that regularly intoning of the Big Lie; "The interests of the children come first" would camouflage indifference to the interests of the children. Only the callous could habitually, wilfully, impose parentectomy.

Ivor Catt feb98

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