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18feb95. Amended 19feb95. This copy printed 11/10/98 Jan99.

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I have read the 1994 Caton book, "The Aids Mirage" and will receive more copies in the near future, from Australia. 60pp. It is the best intro to the subject at present. .

I have the recent 1994 Ellison/Duesberg book "Why we will never win the war on AIDS", which is the best intro into the politics of the AIDS industry, with history of similar hypes in the past. The role of bacteria hunters, virus hunters and now retrovirus hunters is thoroughly analysed.

I have the Eva Snead 1992 book "Some call it AIDS - I call it murder". Snead came out too early and too strongly, and so discredited herself. However, her synthesis seems to be confirmed more and more as time goes by, partly by other sources (see above) and partly by the increasing evidence of criminality in the centre of the AIDs industry, including Gallo and the associate of Baltimore, see Nature, 1dec95, p391; "ORI finds Imanishi-Kari (co-author of Baltimore) guilty of misconduct, proposes 10-year ban."

Root-Bernstein's 1993 book "Rethinking AIDS, the tragic cost of premature consensus" provides extensive medical background by a professor intimately associated professionally with the scene.

L Pascal, "What happens when science goes bad. The corruption of science....." is helpful in its analysis of the implications of the irresponsible behaviour which pervades medicine. He cites Gold's "A Conspiracy of Cells", which I have. This plots the HeLa scandal. For other past scandals, see mainly Ellison, Snead. I also have Ratner on the scandal of the early polio vaccines. There is a range of opinion among those whom I respect, and major splits, for instance between co-authors Ellison and Duesberg.

However, the firm conclusion from the respectable (not including the disreputable mainstream) range of opinion is that AIDS will not break out into the heterosexual community. It will remain ghettoised.

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