This page will provide last minute instructions to Volunteers who have offered their help in making the conference a success.


Generally, Ivor and Robert Whiston will bring all the items required. Ivor will list these here later on, in order to avoid missing out a key item.



David Hughes

Brian Robertson

Robert Whiston

David Yarwood

Karl Glasson

Eugen will do the drinks all day.

John Foggitt,. John brought a good videocamera to me yesterday, and instructed me on how to use it. He will bring his second (better) camera on the day. I asked Eugen's son Nikolas to use it, but I now worry because it is more valuable than I thought. If John gets there OK, he sayd he can operate both cameras.

The day is split into Friends House 10-4.30, and QIC 5-9.

The 40 lunch boxes will be pre-prepaired and waiting for us, perhaps in the fridge in our kitchen.

Ivor will bring large amounts of bottles of Bockwurst, bread rolls, mustard, to supplement the 40 lunches that I have ordered.

Eugen says he will do the coffee all day. Hopefully, he will do other drinks. Eugen will supply the fancy coffee materials. Ivor will supply the standard instant coffee and all the other drinks. Ivor will bring a couple of big vacuum flasks.

There are many many cups and saucers, and some tea spoons. There is one electric kettle, and I plan to bring another. There is a large electrically heated urn, which has to be refilled using the electric kettles.

I have ordered 40 dinners at QIC for 6pm, five of them vegetarian.

 I have to distribute the other tasks to the volunteers. Suggestions please? Since Brian Robertson manned the door and took money last year, please would he either do it this time, or delegate it to one of the other volunteers.

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