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Content-free quakerese. e.g. Chattell, THE FRIEND, 19sep97, p20. (After an initial falter; 'surprising decision', which has a smidgen of content, it settles down to pure quakerbabble.) Useful for generating togetherness and consensus, providing willing parties ignore that it is unity around a void. The ideal technique for its construction is similar to my way of making a mixed vegetable soup. Much variety of content, but nothing we have to chew on. Quakerbabble is not the same as Quakerspeak, which latter is the use of a different (slang) term from the normal, to describe ordinary roles and things; e.g. chairman of a committee, or a committee's report. Quakerspeak ensures that only Quakers understand the content, whereas Quakerbabble has no content. Ivor Catt 22/26sep97

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your letter in THE FRIEND dated 19sep97, which prompted me to develop the ideas (above) in my letter to THE FRIEND.

Ivor Catt, 24.9.97 Suppression


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