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Learning to let mother go
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The Editor,
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Dear Sir,

Learning to let mother go

The then Editor gave Neville Hodgkinson permission to invest a great deal of time and money researching AIDS. Further, in the lead up to a general election, when political news was priority, he allowed Hodgkinson to travel the world. Hodgkinson interviewed the key players in the AIDS industry, including Ministers of Health throughout Africa, even going to the extent of meeting Dr. Eleni Eleopulos in Perth, Australia. Nobody else has been able to cover the subject so exhaustively. [NH Bibliography, http://www.duesberg.com/nhbib.html]

Your writer Aileen Ballantyne has totally ignored all his work, his findings and his copy printed in The Sunday Times over many years, followed by his 1996 book; Aids: The Failure of Contemporary Science.

I know from his 1996 autobiography "Full Disclosure" that Andrew Neil is under a Murdoch cloud. However, he wrote with pride about Hodgkinson's AIDS work in his book. Then in The Sunday Times on 23 June 1996, he wrote that Hodgkinson is one of the two real heroes when it comes to the truth about AIDS. Today's Sunday Times must not cut its readers off from clarity on the AIDS issue, given its fine record and major investment in the recent past. There are lives at stake, including those cited in Aileen's article on 22feb98.

Yours sincerely, Ivor Catt 


In spite of the past Sunday Times allegations as to the lethality of AZT, the 15nov98 Sunday Times article fails to mention whether Maude took AZT. How far should the current editor of ST implement the boycott of the previous editor Neil and all the research and publication that took place under his reign? Does the present editor realise that censorship kills people? I suggest that the reader of this website look up the side effects of AZT in a book on the side effects of drugs. Buy one from Woolworths for 2 or so. Notice that the side effects of AZT equal the symptoms of AIDS. AZT is immuno-suppressive, as are poppers. Maude died from a collapse of his immmune system. Ivor Catt. 24nov98

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