Violent Reflections.


Refuges for women are struggling to survive, and if we put across this idea that the abuse of men is as great as the abuse of women, then it could seriously affect our funding. - Sandra Horley, director [1992] of Chiswick Family Refuge, as quoted by Isabel Wolff in Domestic violence: the other side, The Spectator, 28 November 1992, p 24


Currently [1997], findings on all types of female physical and sexual aggression are being suppressed; academics who do publish their research are subject to bitter attacks and outright vilification from some colleagues and activists, and others note the hostile climate and carefully omit all data on female perpetrators from their published reports. - Kate Fillion, Lip Service: the myth of female virtue in love, sex and friendship, pub. Pandora, 1997, p 229, 230.


Denying the existence of battered men, mutual combat in relationships and aggressive women is popular among feminists, but in 25% of violent couples the sole abuser is the woman. Yet the male aggressor/female victim paradigm has become the only story ever told about domestic violence. - Patricia Pearson, Bruising truths about the fair sex, The Sunday Times, 23aug98.


. the investigation exposed the fact that the existing statutory and voluntary resources were not geared towards men. Quite literally, for male victims of female-perpetrated domestic abuse/violence, there is 'nowhere to turn, characterised by the dismissive reaction by institutional professionals like the police and social workers and feminist activists.' - Sean Stitt and Audrey Macklin, Battered husbands: the hidden victims of domestic violence, Paper for the 27th BSA Medical Sociology Conference, University of York, sep95.


In our study, rates of physical DV were high and nearly equal between men and women. This is supported by prior studies of DV toward men, which demonstrated that rates were similar for men and women . There is an expressed fear among some that recognition of DV by women directed against men will de-emphasize the importance of providing services for women. - Amy Ernst MD et al., Domestic Violence in an Inner-City ED [Emergency Department], Annals of Emergency Medicine, 30.2, Aug97, p 195.


Results [from data obtained for 199 [US] military couples mandated for marital violence treatment] suggest that in the majority of these couples both husbands and wives reported engaging in acts of current marital violence (83%). However, significant gender differences were found such that husbands were more likely to use severely violent tactics, less likely to receive marital violence injusry, and less likely to report being afraid during the last indicent of marital violence than woves. - Jennifer Langhinrischen-Rohling et al., Violent Marriages: Gender Differences in Levels of Current Violence and Past abuse, Journal of Family Violence, vol. 10, no. 2, 1995, p 159.


. north Surrey police's domestic violence unit has seen an increase in the number of men who have reported violence by their wives or girlfriends. There is stigma attached to the subject. Husband-beating is seen as a joke. At the moment, the number of cases we see only scratches the surface of the problem. - PC Kathy Blythe of North Surrey Police DVU as quoted by Fiona Walker in Men in torment, The Walton and Weybridge Informer, 22nov96.


In a dozen states [in the USA], state guidelines for handling domestic-abuse cases specifically forbid couples' counselling until and unless the man has undergone feminist indoctrination first. The man is seen by feminists as the problem in all domestic-violence situations. - Mona Cahren, Violence against sanity, The Washington Times, 11aug97.


If you are an American woman heading for divorce, a ruthless adviser might suggest a swift call to 911 - the American equivalent of 999. When the police answer, say you fear your husband may get violent. Then relax. In most big states, when the police patrol car comes the police are legally obliged to take your husband away. You are left with the de facto posession of the home and custody of the children. Your husband faces a night in jail and a restraining order. - Ivo Dawnay, Husbands take a beating by law, Sunday Telegraph International News, 8june97.


Unfortunately, at this time [1971], the feminist movement, hungry for recognition and for funding, was able to hijack the 'domestic violence movement' and promptly set about disseminating dubious research material and other disinformation


.programmes developed in America under which men considered 'perpetrators' are forced into counselling programmes, often run by bitter anti-male feminists . They identify common characteristics in [male] perpetrators of domestic violence, including such traits as holding traditional views about men's position in society and the family. Translated, this means that the men in the programme must admit to their patriarchal heritage; their crime is being born a mand and these programmes are a very crude form of feminist brainwashing.


Some of the worst violence does not occur between men and women but between women and women. - Erin Pizzey, Men are strong etc., The Observer, 5july98.


Compiled by David Yarwood, 1998.

I have omitted the few quotes by men. Ivor Catt.