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St. Albans AL3 4JR

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Peter C Metcalfe, T E Lawrence Society

Dear Peter,

In the first flush of excitement on finding work going on on TEL, I did not ponder my role. I have now realised that for me, Lawrence and Heaviside take up similar positions. However, in the case of Heaviside, I am number one, both in my reputation for e-m theory today, and for the amount of work I have put into resurrecting O.H. Any further major effort I might make should go to OH and not to TEL.

Obviously I must co-operate over any significance my father may have in the case of TEL, but beyond that, it is clear that OH and e-m should take up my major efforts, not TEL. For one thing, I view OH as the more important man in the long term. I have been at war with the IEE and InstPhys for 35 years, and this is a lot of work. Recently, the IEE's chief enemy Catt was a guest, right at the centre of a plush dinner for IEE top dogs! At the same time, my 1996 self-published book THE CATT ANOMALY takes the Catt - IEE war to even lower depths.

The enclosed july79 WW paper was the start of my restoration of OH.

I should have told you, by the way, that in the 60's, while living in the USA and afterewards, I put in ten years of heavy study on Veitnam. At that time, I sensed that I 'heard' echoes of TEL, for instance in the writings of Truong Chinh, the North Veitnamese strategist. Truong Chinh said the U.S. was the elephant and the NLF (National Liberation Front, called "Vietcong" by the U.S.) the tiger. The tiger would attack when the elephant strayed too close to the jungle, but should not fight in the open. The attacks should be brief. After a time, the elephant would bleed to death. This is more or less a copy of TEL's ruminations while ill for 10 days s-w of Medina. I sensed that decades ago, but never dreamt that orientals would have access to TEL.

Lo and behold, in the 90's, I recently read, for the first time, that Mao and also General Giap of N Vietnam had copies of Seven Pillars! This makes TEL a massive historical figure. Those two wars of liberation are among the most important in the whole of world history.