Ivor Catt          5June98

A Diffident Editor Eccles of Electronics World + Wireless World enters the Diffident's Quagmire, and digs in.

The current Editor of EW committed to a long series of articles by a Capacitor guru named Cyril Bateman. One Penelope Lyon then published a letter in EW jan98 saying that Bateman dec97 contradicted Catt dec78, in the same journal. Bateman answered, also in jan98, that both Bateman and Catt were correct. [That is, a capacitor both does and does not have series inductance!] http://www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/2644.htm   The diffident Editor then refused to publish a riposte from Catt, that they could not both be correct. This dispute is now on its way to the Press Complaints Commission.

Relief! Now I have a website, I'll just put it there. The Commission would not have a clue, any more than Eccles, the current editor of EW+WW [now gone, I.C. 2002], bless his little cotton socks. However, being clueless does not excuse his refusing to publish my brief rebuttal.

[2003 Now see "Mr. Catt returns" ]


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