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Email to Caton

1 Email to Hiram Caton, Head of School of Applied Ethics at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
UK Quakers are a beautiful miniature.

They are very well meaning.
All the same, they have all the standard mechanisms for suppression of communication in place.
It follows that the fear of communciation and the obstruction of the elan vital by control freaks who cannot compete at the informational and research level will occur in any and every institution.
Like the Quakers, Vietnam (U.S. phase) was a beautiful miniature which contained all the elements of a broad range of conflicts. I studied Vietnam greatly for ten years. I hoped therefrom to have a grasp of the core of any and every other conflict. Chomsky did disillusion me decades later with his two books on Central America, which I think contained one or two factors missing from the Vietnam conflict.

2 Email to Hiram Caton, Head of School of Applied Ethics at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
"I don't see why you bother with those guys."

If Quakers, whose whole raison d'etre is "Friends in the Truth", "The Seekers", etc., have blocked all communication of up to date facts on all social issues, then how much worse will be the situation in other fields; science for instance, or the AIDS industry, where much bigger money and prestige is involved. (Quakers as a body may only rate two OBEs per decade, and salaries are bad.) Both professionals (salaried) and amateurs in the Society of Friends are guilty of this. Here are some footnotes to my reply to your e-mail. First, you set up a University Dept. to look into ethics. Will the sludge in the Society of Friends take note? I note that you wrote a book on AIDS, and were discussed in Sunday Times articles on the subject. Helen Drewery refused to hand round my one page article "Truth Management", and which quotes you, see my website, to members of the AIDS committee at Friends House which she chaired. It discusses pandemic censorship in the AIDS industry. (I was a long term Quaker, thus a member of the organisation which paid her salary.) She was full time salaried. Possibly her career path could take her to working next for Wellcome, headquarters next door. Certainly, the Society of Friends have always blocked any warning to HIV positives that Wellcome's AZT drug, at 10,000 dollars per year, is lethal. Whereas people like you and me said this years ago, it is now generally accepted. Responsibility for the further deaths from AZT in the interim is partly to be laid at the door of the sludge in the Society of Friends. Analysis. The sludge in the Society of Friends will take no action whatsoever over the fact that the Society's dirty linen is available to the whole world through my website. This is because each sludge person is only really interested in her own image, and could not care two hoots for the image of the Society of Friends. In another context, I have said that the chief executive of the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) would willingly see a drop of 30% in IEE membership rather than allow publication of any alleged advance in electromagnetic theory, even as a discussion item. Similarly, sludge in the Society of Friends will happily see its membership decimated before taking any action. This is because sludge, by definition, is a creature of existing procedures, which procedures include the exclusion of communication of new information. Their initial defence will be to fail to understand what I am writing to you about. Sludge will tell sludge that Ivor has a personal problem. However, also note that no disciplinary action will be taken against me. Sludge cannot face the light of day. Details of the disciplinary action taken would be on the Internet, but even if this were not so, no action would be taken, either (1) against me, or (2) to reform towards enabling communication. The reaction will a laager reaction. This is why it is not urgent to get a lot more cases of similar misconduct by Quaker Sludge onto my website. There will be no response anyway. Now I hope you agree that the Society of Friends is worth bothering with. cc Soc. of F. Chief Executive et al (in Quakerspeak, "Recorder".)

Ivor Catt

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