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Written 22 June 1977. We did not then know how appalling the censorship would be. Neither did we know that one reason was worldwide ignorance of the fundamentals of electromagnetic theory by those drawing salaries from it.  

Electromagnetic Theory
Research by I. Catt., M. Davidson and Dr. D.S. Walton.

Attempts to communicate advances made more than a year ago have been blocked by all professional journals and institutions, so that by now there is a very large gap between the C - D - W state of the art on the one hand and the material they are communicating on the other. Ivor Catt slipped in 110 words into the IEEE Trans. Comput. To the effect that a capacitor is a transmission line, but C - D - W have had no success in communicating any further. A paper entitled "Maxwell's Displacement Current" has been rejected by some 20 journals in Britain and the U.S.A. [oct98. Later published in Wireless World dec78.] The dialogue on this matter with the IEE (who refused to give reasons for rejection) was bitter, culminating in a row at the IEE's A.G.M. for 1977. It will be renewed at the 1978 A.G.M., probably. In June 1977 C - D - W tried another route towards airing the subject of digital design leading to a discussion of E-N theory by holding a seminar at Theobald's College, Waltham Cross, Herts. 16 attended from major companies and the 48-hour seminar was a big success. An identical seminar will be held in October 26 - 28, 1977. [oct98. These seminars were repeated for many years. Numerous major companies sent their staff to more than one seminar, paying around 150 each.] Energy Current was pushed by C - D - W at the seminar, and the oft-rejected paper on Displacement Current was given to each attender. The 200 profit from the first seminar plus the hoped for profit from the second is expected to fully fund the printing of a text book which will contain a few of our E-M theory disclosures. Further disclosures will follow with the addition of further chapters. [Signed] Ivor Catt

Nov98. A close parallel with the tentative behaviour of Copernicus.

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