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To Ivor Catt From Alex Tindall 21nov98

Your enquiry of Stuart Woodhouse [that he might have copy to put on Ivor Catt's website has been sent to me as editor of Quaker Forum. I understand only too well your frustrations with the Society.

In 1997 we started the new journal Quaker Forum in which I should imagine you will be very interested. I hope you will join us in the endeavour to leven the situation in BYM.

Yours .

[signed] Alex Tindall

To Alex Tindall From Ivor Catt 25nov98

I very much regret coining the title "Quaker Forum" for a letter by me dated 18nov98. I must re-title it "Quaker WWW Forum" to separate it from your legitimate QF.

Your use of the word "leven" is unfortunate, as you will see by consulting a large dictionary. Top Dog in BYM needs to be well informed as to whether BYM is in crisis, or how deep a crisis, and ambiguity at such a critical point is unfortunate. She will duck the significance of your message, because of ambiguity.

Fringe journals may be counter-productive. For years, I have heard the sludge in Friends House cite the fringe journals as evidence of vigour in BYM. That is, fringe journals validate more stringent censorship of the main channels for communication in BYM.

You are welcome to publish anything you find on my website. I will be adding two articles on theology under my own name, which you might like to publish. (They already exist on my old computer. They were rejected for publication by Quaker journals.) They will be added after my Jane Lince article "Guilt and Forgiveness", which is on my website. That is the only one so far published. I published it in Quaker Monthly under the alias Jane Lince. "The true Quaker yellow brick road" is also well worth publishing. Of course, less close to Quaker business, "The Clever take the Brilliant", also on my website, is my most important contribution of the last two years. Although it is extremely important, I feel confident that it will not be published anywhere. A reading of the 1925 edition of "Christian Practice", with its heavy emphasis on (continuing) education, pp64-77, would place The Clever take the Brilliant central to Quaker concerns. (However, the 1995 edition of Quaker Faith and Practice more or less eschews education, and what little is left addresses the education of children.)

Historically, the rudest rejection I have ever received was from the editor of "Speculations in Science and Technology", a journal specifically set up to publish censored material. Similarly, Arriens, editor of "The Seekers", censors me 100%. He will not allow counter-argument to the idea that religion is linking up with science.

I have recently written to Top Dog that my concern is not about the suppression of Ivor Catt; that every institution needs its demons. My concern is that any and every messenger is shot, along with her message. Not only up to date information, but also up to date messengers, are not allowed in the Society of Friends. Even man bashing and family bashing has to be out of date.

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt

cc Recorder, Britain Yearly Meeting.

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