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New release.

"A Critique : Domestic Violence – a health care issue ?"

by David Yarwood

(BMA report June 1998)

The critique was published in Oct - delayed by protracted correspondence with the BMA. But now its here copies are selling fast.

When the BMA released its report ("Domestic Violence – a health care issue?") in June 1998 it was immediately taken as gospel by the Gov’t Depts, women’s groups and the Domestic Violence Industry generally. However, students of the industry immediately recognised it as pure propaganda. Thereafter the BMA was committed to fighting a rearguard action to protect it integrity. The 12-page Critique is packed with just the crucial information needed to continue that pressure and intimates the real agenda behind the report.

The Critique reveals why the BMA has been under siege form academics and why their report is so hotly contested. Not only is the Critique packed with statistics in a reader-friendly style but highlights and then demolishes the central and crucial figures in the BMA’s report.

The Critique brings an external and detached assessment to this contentious issue and calmly contradicts the methodology and conclusions reached. It fills in the facts fortuitously omitted by the BMA’s report - a report not undertaken by the BMA but negligently sub-contracted out.

The Critique’s author points-up the many shortcomings of superficial "attitudinal" surveys as versus in-depth "longitudinal" and helps us to understand why the BMA choose the former.

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Advert promo for Domestic Violence booklets. (2)

New release.

"Beyond all Help ?"

By Dr. Malcolm George

At 44 pages this is a comprehensive rebuttal of the BMA’s report. Gathering momentum the paper quietly slices through the BMA’s assumptions and conclusions. In keeping with it’s American counterpart the BMA is shown as allowing undue latitude for feminists to indulge in their inflammatory tendencies.

The BMA miscalculated the reaction from scientific community if they thought their report would merely add to those already in the public domain. They didn’t count on the academic furore their report would induce. The criticality of the report is, of course, that it was composed under the aegis of the BMA. It therefore carries an authority well beyond it BMA membership to a much wider readership.

The reader is taken step by step through the reasons why surveys in the BMA’s report tend to show men as the aggressor /perpetrator – because usually women are asked (not men) and because of the type and structure of the question posed can sometimes give a biased impression.

For anyone who wants to get to grips with this intriguing subject this booklet is a "must". Dr. George is a well-known and much respected author of numerous papers and books. Written by someone, who teaches and researches the subject on a daily basis, the reader can be assured of politic-free information and hard evidence conveyed is dispassionate manner.

£5..50 including postage. Make cheques payable to "Dewar Research". *

* use your address to receive cheques or "121 Westfield St. Albans Herts. AL3.4JR




1/. Kenny Ritchie – background to case. (Monday, 11th January 1999).

Kenny Ritchie, born Edinburgh Scotland. Not an ideal childhood background and by no stretch of the imagination he is no angel or a paragon of virtue. However, all men have rights.

His father was a US service man serving in the UK who married a local girl. Kenny’s mother although British was not very adequate and a poor example of a mother. Kenny lived in the UK for 17 years before settling in the US.

Somehow he lost his UK citizenship at the time of the Falklands invasion (new Act of Parliament ? ). It could be that as an immigrant conscription – military service - was mandatory and as US Marine he would have had to surrender his native citizenship if he wanted to stay in the US (I had a similar experience of "serving my new country" if I was taking up employment in the US at the time of the Tet Offensive in 1969 – Ed).

Kenny had a US girlfriend - both of them smoked dope. He broke-up with her about 1 year before the fire tragedy. Fire broke out at his ex-girlfriends accommodation (flat / house). Her/their child was killed in fire. Ex-girlfriend was charged with neglect by the authorities. Ex-girlfriend then said Kenny was supposed to looking after the child while she was at her new boyfriends – thus evading prosecution. Ex-girlfriend’s child had a history of playing with matches. The towns Fire Chief convinced was it was simply an accident.

In court evidence was said to show fire "accelerants" e.g. petrol, paraffin. But carpet thrown out before examined officially. Carpet then retrieved after being under car, in skip and on towns refuse tip (ref: OJ Simpson trial – tainted evidence led to innocence).

Ritchie was found guilty of murder – not even manslaughter – and sentenced to death.

2/. William Hetherington.

William’s case can be explored on the Internet (website: National Coalition of Free Men in the US). He was found guilty of raping Linda, his wife. The trail took place during their bitter divorce. William was expected to win custody of his daughter because her mother had abandoned them.

The accusation of rape meant that William had to defend a civil and a criminal action in the different courts at the same time and couldn’t see his daughter. The divorce courts froze his assets and money for settlement purposes and the criminal court refused to accept that his assets were frozen and so refused to appoint a state attorney (public defender) for him. He therefore had to defend himself.

Medical evidence showed that there had been no damage/injury into his wife’s vagina, unusual in a claim of specified forced entry. A pair of his wife’s tights were entered as exhibits that allegedly contained sperm from William thus proving intercourse at least. However, William had a vasectomy and his semen cannot contain sperm ! On the day of the alleged rape his wife, Linda, had been "visiting" her boyfriend.

Will had been married to Linda for 16 years. There was no allegation of him being violent to her in any way. On the contrary, the only files the police have are photographs showing chest injuries inflicted on William by Linda.

The trial, held during an "election year" and both judge and state prosecutor (who was running for State Supreme Court) may have been "grandstanding". The state asked for a 30 - 60 year sentence - even though the state's own guidelines are 1 – 10 years.

On the 1st day of the trial he was offered a way out – just plead guilty and walk out free. That was way back in 1985 - William is still in jail today. The very same judge that offered him the walk free option sentenced him to 30 years.

Because the US already have a Criminal Sexual Conduct register, similar to the Sexual Offenders Record proposed in this country, even when (or if) William gets out he will be ascribed and described as "a sexual offender". As a result his whereabouts must be notified to the police who must then record and convey the information to every community into which he tries to move.









Article 1 of 3. Dublin; Conference - Domestic violence and abuse by women.

(see also Channel 4 programme "Dispatches" Jan 7th 1999 which

gives the lie to Gov’t propaganda that only women are victims of

domestic violence).



Gov’t ministers dived for cover when the world’s first conference on male victims of domestic violence opened in Dublin. Two senior Irish Gov’t ministers, the Minister for Equality and the Justice Minister, and one junior minister had "pencilled-in" the date and indicated a willingness to attend but then all three cried-off at the last moment.

Sensation and then scandal rocked the staging of the worlds first conference on abuse and violence suffered by men. Sensational revelations continued unabated all day both inside and outside the auditorium. Thursday Dec 10th 1998 may very well go down as a turning point in the infamous war of gender politics.

The subject of the conference made it a first for Dublin, a first for men and a first for the world. But old habits and stereotypes die hard. No sooner had word leaked out that both Ministers had cancelled at the last moment than it was announced that the Junior Minister for Equality, Mary Wallace, would instead be attending a conference hastily organised by Women’s Aid. It later transpired that she is chairperson of the National Steering Committee (NSC) on Violence Against Women. An umbrella organisation for domestic violence, the National Women Council, Women’s Aid and rape-crisis lobby groups.

These dramatic developments were in turn overshadowed by the news that the same female minister, Mary Wallace, had announced a £5 million grant to Ireland’s Women’s Aid. This news rocked conference delegates

The scandal was timed for mid-morning release. Undoubtedly intended to catch the headlines of the evening papers its purpose was to push coverage of the men’s conference off the pages. Fortunately this didn’t happen. Both events got equal coverage in both the Belfast and Dublin evening and subsequent morning papers.

The scandalous behaviour by a blatantly biased Minister for Equality in granting the £5 million to Ireland’s Women’s Aid was only reinforced when the Irish Times, and other evening papers, carried her picture holding up a banner in support of Women’s Aid. Faith in the integrity of Ministers, Ireland’s judicial system and the even-handedness of both has thus been severely compromised.

In the short term the Minister may’ve thought she was heading off trouble but doubtless Ireland’s Opposition parties will seize the chance to demonstrate the mere nominal nature of equality issues in Ireland. Perversely, it is reassuring to know that true inequality and female preference masquerading as equality is as much alive and dwells in Ireland’s green and very pleasant land as it does in ours.

It’s such a pity that such a lovely peoples and lovely country (North and South of the border) should be burdened with obsolete and malfunctioning UK legislation. Always about 2 years behind the Britain it gives the UKMM no pleasure to note that men in Ireland are suffering as we are. After all, we also seem unable to throw off the "hand-me-downs" of shoddy and ineffective legislation imported from Australia and the US.

The junior Minister for Equality and Law Reform, Mary Wallace, announced to the National Steering Committee (NSC) on Violence Against Women conference that money would be directed into research to establish why women were raped. Such information is freely available in the UK and the US and one wonders what is the uniqueness of rape in the Irish situation!

End of article one.


Editors:- More details on all the above available on request.

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