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The politics of A.I.D.S. compared with the Politics of Global Warming.

After many years studying the A.I.D.S. Industry, I finally found some competent comment on Global Warming in Climate Change, ed. Julian Morris, pub. 1997 by I.E.A., tel. 0171 799 2137. Reading Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen's chapter in that book, I found I was actually reading about the politics of A.I.D.S.

The exciting analogy is this.

When the Cancer Industry was running out of funds because they persisted over decades in failing to find a vaccine or any other cure, the War on Cancer professional elite, the Virologists, whose super-elite were the retro-virologists, jumped ship and constructed the A.I.D.S. Industry. Thus, in order to ensure that the super-elite receive some of the A.I.D.S. research etc. funding, it was imperative that A.I.D.S. be cause by a retrovirus.

Uniquely, even before claiming to have discovered it, they christened it "The Virus which Causes Aids", or H.I.V. for short. All the funding for all aspects of A.I.D.S. then went into virology research. Whereas these guys only needed a portion of the A.I.D.S. funding to pay their mortgages, they actually scooped the lot. There is today no funding whatsoever for research or other work on A.I.D.S. which is not directed at H.I.V. Anyone, like Duesberg, who even questions the link between H.I.V. and A.I.D.S., has all his research funding cut off. Thus, if H.I.V. turns out not to be the cause of A.I.D.S., then no research into A.I.D.S. will have been done during the last ten or fifteen years.

Whereas the A.I.D.S. industry has been captured by the dogma that H.I.V. causes A.I.D.S., the Global Warming Industry has been captured by the dogma that global warming is happening, and that it is the fault of mankind. All funding goes into changing man's behaviour; getting him to reduce his fossil fuel use etc. No money goes into ameliorating the effects of Global Warming.

Should it turn out that Global Warming is being caused by other than mankind's misconduct; for instance by the sun's misbehaviour, then it will follow that for many years in the past and also into the future, no money will be spent on global warming; on ameliorating its effects. The behaviour of the sun is beyond the reach of even the most ardent social engineer, resplendent in both a red "A.I.D.S. Aware" ribbon and also a "Global Warming Aware" ribbon of some other colour.

Both industries are currently valued at 4 billion dollars per year. It is possible that all worldwide scams, like for instance the Western World's Domestic Violence Industry, tend to settle down to around 4 billion dollars per year.

The role of Non Governmental Organisations in the cases of A.I.D.S. and of Global Warming seem to be very similar, and also their interaction with governments and world government organisations. Sonja B-C's concept of an Epistemic Community made up of professionals, amateurs, devoted retirees, politicians and others seems to be the key to how these expensive scams grow and are foisted onto an unsuspecting world public. The idea that a fully committed, nobly motivated individual may help a scam to develop is important for me, with my Quaker background. I am surrounded by well-intentioned people who often seem to hit the head on the nail.

We all need access to insight into the growth and working of an Epistemic Community. For a start, read Sonja B-C on this website.

Ivor Catt 7feb99

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