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Reflections on Reflections.

Marrin, no. 20 in Reflections.

I have in the last month or two broached the idea of the women's movement having led to my, and perhaps men, losing respect for women. One trigger was the idea that one aspect of the present situation is not reversible. If men had the power to cut their own children off from all contact with their mothers, I could not imagine one quarter of them stooping to such spiteful, destructive behaviour. This leads to a loss of respect for women in general, seeing that such a large proportion nonchalantly behave in this way, and the rest of womanhood are unconcerned. I feel that it is up to other women to campaign for women to stop betraying themselves and humanity in this way. More recently, I read Marrin (item 20 in Reflections) referring to the loss of respect for women by men, which may echo my idea.

Another reason for my loss of respect is the absense of any mention of wealth creation in the literature of the women's movement. The total message is that women want to take on the role of parasitic men, not of the submerged wealth creators. Women had no interest in taking over my job; only the job of the accountant who presided over me, or the city slicker that I was never willing to become, although I had the opportunity

The blind alley the women's movement took women into is that of Hitler. I pay attention to Hitler, and I fear him, and he was successful. But I have no respect for him. The same goes for women who want to become Jonathan Aitkens or Maxwells, and believe that that is the ambition of men. Thus, radical feminists want to adopt boorish behaviour (item 32 in Reflections) and also to adopt boorish careers.

Jong, no. 18.

For decades I have wondered why radical feminists always home in on the subject of rape. Following the idea that rape is a power trip, not a sexual trip, I realised that the urge would not therefore be restricted to men. Thus the emphasis by radical feminsts on rape explains a lot. Firstly, if they are themselves frustrated rapists, but lack the equipment, they project their desire plus men's capability to rape, onto all men. Thus, "All men are potential rapists" flows straight out of Jong, item no. 18. It could be developed further into the idea in the radical feminist's (frustrated rapist's) mind that men who do not rape are chicken. This may help to explain their contempt for men (no. 9).