Ivor Catt,

121 Westfields,

St. Albans AL3 4JR

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Rupert Sheldrake, 20 Willow Road,

London NW1 3TS (He did not reply.)

cc Luca Turin, Dept of Anatomy, Unversity College London,

Gower St., WC1

Dear Mr. Sheldrake,

Recently, Luca Turin told me that, of all his past guest lecturers (which includes me), the two best were Sheldrake and Hodgkinson. This may explain why, should this letter lack my customary charm.


Recently I saw you on one of the lesser cable TV channels. I think you were analysing extra sensory communication, and that you said you were looking for an explanation which came within the bounds of conventional science.

A maths professor at Kings College hit the headlines on this matter some 10 or 20 years ago, and published at least one (glossy) book on it. He said "electromagnetism or bust". He said he would put a certain number of years into the exercise, possibly he said two, and then give up. He had a routine name, like Williams or some such.

Some fifteen years ago the President of the Society for Psychical Research, Grattan-Guinness, a mathematician and historian of science, was frequently in my home, along with his wife. I attempted to deliver information to him re ESP deriving from my experience. His response was that I had to write a paper on it, submit it to their journal, and so forth, which I was unwilling to do. I felt entitled merely to deliver information to him, the President, while he drank my tea and ate my scones. However, he was unable to take in information delivered without the usual totality of protocol. I cut off from them a few years later when they got entangled in my extremely ugly divorce.

I am nervous of the following observations, because one scientist, Sue Warman, seemed to think that I was arguing for some wonderful new mode of commuinication. In fact, I think I am doing the opposite, relegating the subject to the domain of the trivial and uninteresting, not warranting research. My position is that if even (only) one scientific theoretical model is offered which plausibly explains why a loving wife very occasionally 'knows' at the very moment when her loving husband hits the ground in the Lockerbie disaster, then we as scientists do not have to spend more time on the subject. It remains for the credulous non-scientist or would-be non-scientist to;


disprove or discredit my model, and/or


justify further research on the grounds that the newly discovered mode of communication is useful. This includes explaining why extra sensory, or 'sixth sense', communication is useful. (e.g. should husband and wife separately concentrate on the matter for an hour, hoping to tell each other that husband needs to be collected from the station, or should he merely pick up the phone and easily, quickly, cheaply, say so using conventional technology?)

Extra sensory communication.

The most expensive, least reliable, least interesting means of communication known to man.

Every electromagnetic signal extends throughout the universe.

There is no perfect shielding against electromagnetic waves. A skull made of bone is about the poorest shield that could be devised. If thought contains any electromagnetic element (?alpha waves?), then it extends beyond the confines of the head, very roughly falling off with distance according to an inverse square law. However, this only comes into play at a distance of perhaps two head widths, below which the fall-off is less rapid.

It is likely that the electro-chemistry etc. of thought is similar in a woman and her loving husband. Pace the radical feminists, they are of the same species, and there are probably similarities in their thought processes. For instance, again pace the radical feminists, their brains may have a similar strategy when adding 2 and 2.

The brains of loving husband and wife are located within half a metre of each other for eight hours in every twenty-four. Thus, loving wife's brain is bathed in husband's alpha waves for a third of the time. This might have continued for a decade.

Cyclical brain activity.

(At least some of) the activity in our brain probably proceeds in a recurrent cyclical fashion. This is most likely to apply to the process of memory. I suggest that it does. A brain which lacked time slots allocated to each step in thought processes would be inefficient. That is, it is likely that after adding the least significant digit of two numbers, the brain probably proceeds to the next two digits after a delay of exactly 24367 (say) or 24368 or 24369 time slots, the time slot being prescribed by some central work allocator in that part of the brain. A crude analogy is the pumping of the heart, where each step in the process occurs at a set time within each heartbeat cycle. It would be difficult (though possible) for the delay before the next heartbead to be pseudo-random, within certain limits. However, it seems natural for the body to put effort into making the delay between adjacent beats as consistent as possible. This makes the whole complicated process much simpler. The clock beat in a brain would be easier to keep consistent than the heartbeat, particularly in someone who was asleep or who was concentrating on a single idea, like the arrival of a train. In fact, in such a case it would be difficult to find a pressing reason for much variation of period (=cycle time).

The fly-wheel effect.

The signal reaching your TV has a 'frame sync' which is too weak to reset the electron beam to top left at the start of every frame. However, it recurs at a frequency of 50Hz. Your TV has an oscillator which is tuned to be as close as possible to 50Hz. (I refer to a TV run on a 12v DC battery.) The periodic weak frame sync reaching your TV from Crystal Palace gradually pulls your frame sync oscillator into phase, and into Crystal Palace's exact frequency of 50Hz.. All this is standard circuit design theory and practice.

By analogy, should you give a very weak push to your daughter on the swing every cycle, and even at slightly the wrong frequency (compared with the natural frequency of the swing), it will finally respond to your (not its) frequency and to your phase.


This was yesterday unknown to Luca Turin, and is probably still unknown to the ESP community. G-G refused to take on board the concept fifteen years ago, although he had more than sufficient intelligence to comprehend.

He was President of the Society for Psychical Research. It appears that their highest officer had not mastered ordinary communication, so perhaps that was why he and his were so keen on enhanced modes to cover their inadequacies.

As in ESP, so in radar, the returning signal from the enemy aircraft (called a 'target') is very very small - microwatts although the outgoing primary radar signal was megawatts. The signal falls off as the fourth power of the distance; inverse square law on the way out and the same again on the way back. (However, uni-directional alpha waves from the brain only fall off following one inverse square law.) It is standard practice in radar to repeat the outgoing 'pulse' at fixed repetition rate for (say) 10,000 times. The return reflections for each cycle are then added together. The noise in the system is random, but the return echo, hidden in the much greater noise, occurs at a consistent frequency known to the transmitter. The returns for each cycle are added together, and the tiny returns add together and gradually grow out of the noise, which averages out to a more or less constant value.

Amplification through repetition.

If the receiver knows the repetition rate of a signal, then a signal repeated 1,000 times is effectively 1,000 times stronger.

Empathy after orgasm.

A man and woman who have dysfunctional internal clocks in the most relevant parts of their brains will communicate with greater difficulty than those who happen to have complementary clocks. Now some pairs find communication is efficient enough to justify marriage. They then put their heads close together for eight hours out of every 24, giving their brains ample time and cross-signalling to iron out remaining difference - using the pulling process discussed above under "The fly-wheel effect". If the cycle time in that part of the brain is 10,000Hz, then the total number of cycles in eight hours every day for a year will be 100,000,000,000. This means that the puny alpha wave escaping from his brain and entering hers is one hundred thousand million times stronger than it appears to be - a potent thrust towards bringing their heads together! Thus a microwatt signal is amplified up to 100 kilowatts, which if delivered all at once would overheat the wife's brain!

[IC feb99. I have not checked since I tried to deliver these ideas to the President of the Society for Psychical Research over tea (in my home), more than once, fifteen years ago. Has he managed to get my message via ordinary communication, or by e.s.p., or both, or neither? I fear that I have not ruminated on it enough top really e.s.p. it upon his attention. That's the trouble with people like me, who prefer to communicate the easy way.

However, I sincerely hope he accepted these ideas, and enlightened his society colleagues.]


Ivor Catt 4oct96



(Did Catt also point out that his theories on crosstalk, pub. IEEE Trans. Comp. dec1967 further explain long distance ESP? He so attempts to do now, anyway. The alpha waves get onto local wire pairs - telephone or power - by crosstalk - and then travel along them, to jump back and into the loving wife's head at the other end. {Via the radio transmitter power input, they can also get onto the carrier for radio waves. So, ESP wallahs, you can even avoid the telephone charge when you talk to your wife on an island, so long as they have radio! All you have to do is to think your message very hard for a week. Can't fail. However, why not just use the telephone? After all, B.Tel. has to make a living.})

Members of the Society for Psychical Research (ESP) lack Normal Sensory Perception (NSP). Do they hope for ESP as a substitute?

If you can't take in conventional messages, join the Society for Psychical Research.