Ivor Catt,


Stephen Baskerville

Department of Political Science,

Howard University, Washington, DC

Dear Stephen Baskerville,

UKMM (UK Men's Movement, currently being renamed Mankind) has a quarterly magazine. I shall bring out (edit) the first monthly newsletter Ill Eagle in mid April. I expect to have much material, but if not, I would like to end with your lengthy (for a 4pp newsletter) article, which I admire greatly. It is now on my website; see "News".

It would be neater if the extraordinarily close similarity between the current pathologies in Canada, Australia and England were the limit. (See Canadian Senator Anne C Cools on the web, via my website, for the crisis in Canada.) My book "The Hook and the Sting", available on my website, shows how Denning, who was active in those three countries, damaged their legal systems enough to open the way to the present crisis. However, the mar99 Baskerville speech (see my website under "News") shows virtually the same pathology for the U.S.A. Either Denning also corrupted U.S. law, which is likely, or the root cause of the disaster is not Denning.

The parallels between Baskerville in the U.S.A., (Cools on Canada), and what you can find in the inner recesses of my vast website when discussing England are stunning. For instance, the idea that we vastly exceed Stalin's and Hitler's achievements in the scale of state enforced parentectomies. A recent Home Office report says that 40% of children of divorce lose all contact with their fathers. At 40% divorce rate, that indicates that an estimated 16% of children currently lose all contact with their fathers. These fathers, as a minimum, cease to be economically active; thus the current moves by a California judge to jail them. However, that will merely increase the burden on the state. Whiston is in correspondence with the judge who jailed the first one for withdrawing his labour.

When Baskerville says we are emulating the ghetto black lifestyle, he cites others, not Daniel Amneus. Under the pressure of events, in spite of heavy censorship and massive disinformation - see for instance Burgess - these analyses are being done all over the world and are being communicated, as a result of pressure from increasing suicide rates and falling marriage, remarriage and birthrates.

It is interesting that Adrienne Burgess (author of "Fatherhood Reclaimed" 1997, ), a partially lapsed radical feminist, needs to play down the figure of 40%, claiming only 5% in a letter to me. She realises the significance of that figure; that women are rapidly losing credibility as responsible parents, and, along with their feckless, secret courts and lawyers, are looking more and more like feckless children. That is, they are losing their status as adults.

E, on the phone to me and a few months earlier, seems to have the research evidence and analytical skill to find our way out of the trap, in combination with Cyriax, whose analysis can be read on the UKMM website, where it has been cleverly hidden by Worrall. To explain; when Home Secretary Jack Straw said on radio Women's Hour on 12 July 98 that "the CSA was a shambles", he made reform possible. This chance was missed, as the Green Paper of mid 98 on "reform" of the CSA shows. They have learnt nothing, and will carry on covering up for past errors for another fifteen years rather than thinking positively and studying the subject, while the suicide rates for young men and divorced fathers continue to escalate.

The way out of the trap in England is for one Government Department to be given the means to lay blame on another government department. E, and also Cyriax, have broken through the wall of secrecy to unearth the incompetence on a massive scale, at the conceptual level, of the whole system. A senior Home Office official is pressing E to explain to her what he has found out, and its implications. A future, new Government minister will be enabled by E and Cyriax to lay the blame elsewhere, on another Department, and form a competent, informed team to go forward into a better future. (Whether any women could be trusted in the team is unclear. Perhaps women who had sons could be trusted.) The earliest time for this will be in about fifteen years from now, when the suicide and other rates will have reached obviously crisis proportions, breaking through the censorship and disinformation.

For a start, E could try to put together a newspaper article with his findings to date. It is possible that it will not be censored. I think E and Cyriax probably hold the key to the future.

Best wishes, Ivor

cc Oliver Cyriax

cc E

cc Adrienne Burgess