The Defence of Classical Electromagnetism.

Ivor Catt 7oct99

My website discusses the evasion of their responsibility by heads of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (I.E.E.) London and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (I.E.E.E.) New York.

In Wireless World some ten years ago I said I would set up a fund to finance experts who would defend classical electromagnetism against the Catt Anomaly. Today I have extended the idea to two funds. Soon I will set up a fund in Britain for the I.E.E. operation and a second fund in the U.S.A. for the I.E.E.E. operation. Details will appear in later issues of this site. [28oct99. UK fund now exists.]

British Fund.

I myself plan to add fifty pounds to the fund each year. This website will soon have details of the relevant bank account, so that an interested party can put money directly into the fund, or send a check to me, when I will invest it in the fund.

Approximately once every five years, the President of the I.E.E. will be approached, and asked to nominate two experts who will undertake to defend classical electromagnetism against the Catt Anomaly. The President of the (British) Institute of Physics (Inst. Phys.) will be approached, and asked to nominate a third expert who will undertake to defend classical electromagnetism against the Catt Anomaly.

The I.E.E. will announce the seminar in one of its journals. It will take place in London. The meeting will be taped, and a copy given to each defender and to the I.E.E. Library, Savoy Place. Copies will also be sent to the libraries of every organisation of which each defender is a member. Afterwards, the I.E.E. journal will publish an agreed account of the meeting, and give details on how to buy the tape and how to access the transcript on the WWW.

After the I.E.E. has been reimbursed out of the fund for the cost of advertising and holding the seminar, the rest of the money will be split into three, and given to the three defenders of classical theory. No payment will be made to anyone who supports the Catt Anomaly against classical theory.

NatWest Bank account. Branch Sort code no. 60 18 11. Account no. 42162815. Or send cheque to Ivor Catt, 121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, England.

Unless requesting anonymity, contributors will be listed on this website.

U.S. Fund.

Essentially as for the British Fund. Two experts to be nominated by the I.E.E.E., and one by the American Institute of Physics. The seminar will occur in New York.

I will set up a bank account in the U.S.A. The process will be similar to, but independent of, that in Britain.

Ivor Catt 7oct99/ 28oct99

The President of the IEE, and also the Chief Executive, were advised of this fund in oct99. So was the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.

In oct99, the President of the Institute of Physics was informed.



The following letter is printed in my 1996 book .. The Catt Anomaly..

The log-jam identified.


To the Chief Executive, IEE. 25/11/95

Dear Dr Williams,

The Catt Anomaly

The enclosed letters, all written by IEE officers, show disarray in the IEE.

You may recall that matters started with Catt's letter to you highlighting the discrepancy between Bradford (McEwan) and Cambridge (Pepper). Secker and the IEE backed Cambridge, until suddenly on 25 Oct. 95 they switched to backing Bradford.

On 26 Oct. 1995 your representative Secker disqualified himself from the matter.

I am certain that Catt only wants the IEE to fulfil its role as outlined by Secker on 4 Sep. 95 and "promote the general advancement of electrical science and engineering and their applications and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects". This performance of its stated duties is also requested by Miller OBE, Simmonds FIEE, Turin (subject of BBC Horizon Program on 27 Nov. 95), Ivall (former Editor of Wireless World) - an IEE Journal announces forthcoming discussion; discussion occurs; agreed summary of discussion is reported in an IEE Journal.

Please advise if financial considerations are restraining the IEE from doing its duty.

Yours faithfully [signed] Eugen Hockenjos, B.Sc., DipHE.

encl. Hamlin/Miller 9nov95; Secker/Ivall 25oct95; Secker/Catt 4sep95; Secker/Metzer 19sep95; Secker/Simmonds 26oct95; Wilson/Simmonds 9nov95; Turin/Williams 15nov95


The silence is deafening.