To Richard Madeley ITV Carlton "This Morning"

This morning, thu25nov99, a radical feminist on your programme used the discredited figure "One woman in four is assaulted within her family during her lifetime". My researchers have investigated this figure, originated by Stanko, who herself refuses to stand by it.

This was only one item in a very misleading and destructive piece on domestic violence on your programme.

Key informants on this subject are Erin Pizzey, who lives at a secret address because of death threats, and Melanie Phillips, email at, for instance her 1nov99 book, with some of the violence part of the book available in section 5 p10 of the Sunday Times 24oct99.

I have a transcription (for email to you if you ask for it) of an interview between Phillips and Baroness Jay, when Jay was in full retreat. Jay is reported to have broken at least one marriage when she ran amuck in Washington.

The truth is that domestic violence DV is very small in married families, and is perpetrated equally by men and women at 4.2% according to Home Office Research Study no. 191, free from tel 0171 273 2084. DV includes "pushing", and also includes the fear of violence in the future. This "fear of violence in the future" (no violence having actually happened) is used to justify ouster of parent from home and loss of home, and completely cutting a child off from its parent. Erin Pizzey's book "Prone to Violence", available on the www, points to mutual combat, which she believes is the most common type of violence. She was driven out of the Chiswick Refuge scheme that she founded when her researches revealed that 62 of her first 100 women were as violent as their partners. She was then given police protection, but driven out of the country for 15 years.

Your programme never mentioned marriage. DV is very much greater between so-called "partners" than between married couples, and is greater between short term "partners". It is greatest between same-sex "partners".

Radical feminists, like the one on your programme, and like Jay, exploit inflated figures on DV between transient "partners" to attack the institution of marriage, which, as Phillips says, is the best protection against DV.

I can send you copy about the way we went after Stanko, of Brunel Univ and now of Royal Holloway College, over her falsification of research results leading to her figure of 1 in 4, mentioned on your programme this morning. She receive 3.5 millions of govt money to produce false statistics. This is also discussed in Phillips's book, available from Sunday Times tel 0870 165 8585, 12.

You are being used by an anti-family initiative using false information. The people using you are generally sexually dysfunctional, and many are lesbian. Violence between same-sex partners is on a very large scale indeed. More than 50% of lesbians report violence in their relationships.

Julie Bindell, said to be researching into violence, herself a lesbian, falsely attributes most violence to biological fathers. She is regularly called on by TV programmes to give this false information. The attack on the family is pressed home by social failures. A very large proportion of members of Alcoholics Anonymous are homosexuals. Their expectation of life is 30 years less than that of homosexuals. In order to validate their disastrous lifestyle, they threaten to drag us all down.

I believe that this email will not reach Richard Madeley, because each editorial chain has radical feminists in it. So I shall put it on my website under the title "Richard Madeley", and also I will forward a further copy of this email to Richard Madeley every six months, until and unless I receive a response signed by him which demonstrates that he has read it. This rubbishing of marriage has to stop.


Ivor Catt, 121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR

tel 01727 864257


cc Stinko, Royal Holloway College, Egham.


My mother Enid Jones, Lubbock Prize, 1924/25, brought glory to Royal Holloway College, which is now being defiled by Stinko.