ManKind 15sep01 Conference on Censorship



Neil Hamilton, Former Government Minister. An alleged victim of rape remains anonymous, but their alleged assailant does not have that protection.

Hillary Seddon Runs FASO (False Allegations Support Organisation).

Mr. Primus. Lengthy jail sentence as a result of a false allegation.

James Bogle, Barrister

Mark Harris. Jailed for ten months for waiving to his children? For "Ill Eagle".

Contemptible judgement alleging contempt of court.

Dr. Harold Hillman, Emeritus Reader in Biophysics, Surrey University. Concealment of research errors, opening the door to later radfem falsification.

Sue Warman M. A., Deputy Principal, South Nottingham College; "AIDS and BSE - The Tragedy of Tunnel Vision" 17139.htm

Theocharis . Author of "Where science has gone wrong", Nature, 15oct87

Did the retreat from rationality led by "Modern Physics" open the door to the later irrational, false nonsense which permeates radfem dogma?

Rae West . Rae has the comprehensive website on censorship.

Geoffrey Ben-Nathan. Further development of the "Rite of passage" idea.

Anthony Pace. "The fifth column".

Dr. D S Walton

Dr. Brian Robertson

General elections are a time when maximum freedom of speech is required, but perversely it is when maximum suppression is used. Campaigning individuals communicating with the electorate find themselves criminalised
by such devices as the Representation of the Peoples Act. So for example: campaigners against the National Front, or a 79 year-old lady distributing leaflets campaigning against abortion, or a fathers rights activist; all face malicious prosecutions by the state. These individuals have been criminalised and ensnared by a process called 'judicial activism'. They committed no crime as defined by laws passed by Parliament. By contrast when the actual POLITICAL parties themselves or overtly political organizations such as the TUC, or the Daily mirror, violate these same rules then there is conveniently 'no crime committed'. The final part of the talk will describe how the government, media, judiciary, and academics conspire to promote domestic violence lies. Brian Robertson runs the
website Also see Melanie Phillips, The Sex-Change Society, pub. SMF nov99, pp139-147, 192.

ManKind Members;

During the second session, a member of ManKind can to talk for five minutes about suppression in his case. Please would he email or otherwise sends to me at an outline of his case in electronic form. This will preferably be put on my website well before the conference with hyperlink to it at this point. He might also like to get me to print a one page abstract, to be handed out at the conference. His actual, brief talk will then be a taster for these other sources of information.


References in the literature

General discussion of censorship

Hiram Caton. . Truth Management in Science.

The Quaker Way of Censorship

Dear Ivor,

There is nothing that prevents our sons from growing up without feeling shame, guilt and like second-class citizens more than the lace curtain of censorship that prevents their life experience from being aired equally to women's. When both our sons and daughters are being deprived of their dads because we are not exposed to how important to children dads are, we are leaving the next generation with a "father wound" (similar to the wound of economic security many depression dads still feel no matter how rich in fact they are).

No research has impacted me more than the research on the lace curtain of censorship that encompasses the government, media, helping professions and academia. Getting that published in Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say made me realize how difficult it is for men to speak up so anyone can hear.

Your conference, by unwrapping censorship, is exposing the world to a present it must give itself. That present is half of who we are.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D. 13sep01



Speakers at last year's conference