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Retreat is defined by four documents, called Retreat Definition, not in this order;





A possible fifth is


For six months the best definition of the Retreat strategy has been these four or five documents. Alterations to these documents would confuse the definition of the Retreat strategy, which is owned by Ivor Catt, or possibly by Ivor, Eugen, Robin Gay and Robert Whiston..

It is not clear to what extent an unaltered Reflections is crucial to the definition of the Retreat Definition.

Since the documentation has not improved for six months, we have to work with the only version of Retreat Definition that we have, encapsulated in the above four or possibly five documents. [There is a separate, 9improved version now available. Ivor Catt 2jan02]


This document dates back to the time, 1994, when Ivor Catt's book The Hook and the Sting asserted "Man as Witch". A father wants access to his wife in order to batter her (or rape her), and he wants access to his children in order to sexually molest them. Thus, any assertion by a man is of no value. Reflections contains only writing by women, and so it not tainted by the dissembling of today's serpent, the man. (Writing is by a woman, or is quoted by a woman.)

Sections of Reflections, which includes its pictures etc., or even the whole of Reflections, can be taken and used in other documents, but the resulting document cannot be called Reflections, which is owned by Ivor Catt. However, alterations or additions may be suggested to Ivor Catt, and these are needed in order to have recent quotes in it. However, its length is more than adequate.

The idea that a significant portion of current concerns have been expressed by women is of crucial importance. That is, women have not failed to contribute to analysis of the current crisis, and it is not invented by male commentators. That is proved by Reflections, which must not be tampered with. A woman is never quoted twice in Reflections. The broad base of Reflections must be retained, particularly since it is over-long. Content is less important than to trawl more and more women, and short quotes are most valuable.

The editor of the FNF journal Access did not acknowledge receipt of Retreat Definition.

It is hilarious that FNF, of which I was a member, is incapable of relating to all the above documents or strategy or arguments at any level, even merely to refute them. I shall send copies of this note to SS and to Parton, two of the chief non-functionaries in FNF. We will not get even a criticism by what SS calls "senior officers of FNF", or some such, who keep to activity which has little bearing on the plight of our children. As you implied, the above may be a significant contribution to the crisis which FNF uses to extract money from father victims, but which FNF is incapable of addressing.

Parton's verbal invitation (at the A Burgess 28apr98 seminar; "Come home, all is forgiven,") to fallout from FNF to collaborate is insufficient. The centre of FNF has to demonstrate that it is capable of articulating itself onto the latest developments, or alleged developments, in the subject, a possible example being Retreat. There will be no response to this from the FNF hoi poloi, because for practical purposes they do not exist, except to get in the way of work in this field.

(FNF is ideologically committed to the dogma of father and child as victim, and will not tolerate suggestion that a power base for the father has been identified. {I hope this does not apply to UKMM} Traditionally, any senior member suggesting a more assertive policy was driven out of FNF and then besmirched in the morning session at the next FNF AGM.)       Ivor circa 1900.



2jan02. We now find that not only FNF high command, but virtually all other men cut off from their children, are totally indifferent to the Retreat strategy. They do not comment in any way, even to criticise it. I took extreme action in "Ill Eagle", which I edit, to try to elicit comment, to little avail. To date, perhaps three fathers, in every case with success have used the strategy. No other fathers are willing even to think about following in their pioneering footsteps. They prefer the sympathy that they wrongly think come with losing home and children, to fighting for their children. Ivor Catt 2jan02