Sue Warman's dissertation on AIDS. Direct access.

Nobel Prizewinner Kary Mullis; …Does HIV cause AIDS?


The Clever take the Brilliant.

Challenging Viewpoints by Theocharis ..

Conquest of Science Falsification in Modern Physics. [Third of a series, intended to follow Conquest of Thought (dec87) and Conquest of Truth (jan88), but rejected by the then editor of Wireless World.]

Conquest of Thought First in a series of three articles.

Conquest of Truth , published in Electronics and Wireless World, jan88, p48. Includes Maxwell, Einstein and the Ether.

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Medical Racketeering

Mullis, K. Nobel Prizewinner Kary Mullis . …Does HIV cause AIDS?

Speaking the truth, A Plain Quaker's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Lives Falsification

.. . Quakers attack the traditional family

Statistics as the Sword of Truth

Sue Warman's dissertation on AIDS. Direct access..

Why Academic Jargon Thrives, by Brian Martin . . .