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Saturday 28 October 9.30 am
Friend's House Euston Road WC1 London

For over thirty years, the social policies of successive British governments have failed to stem the tide of social decay and disintegration.
Science and commerce, if faced with such a track record of failure, would demand a full analysis and question the fundamentals upon which decisions were taken in the past.
Why isn't this happening in social policy matters ?
Why are we in an aggressive and confrontational society ?

We have never been richer; never more fully employed; never more able to enjoy the good things in life. Yet why are we still so apprehensive ?

You can be part of the solution. There is an alternative view.

The received wisdom is that men are inherently violent. But are such men born violent, or is our society making them violent ?
Go to the centre of an English town on a Saturday night; the picture you will see is one of drunkenness, aggression and violence. The perpetrators are nearly always young men.

"The Age of Violent Young Males" is a conference that aims to discover and answer these questions.
With acknowledged expert speakers from around the world, we will discuss the causes of violence, the disenfranchisement of young men and the policies that can be used to create a peaceful and harmonious country. The conference will offer solutions to an increasingly desperate problem. A problem that is not confined to this country but can be seen in all Western countries.

While working on ManKind issues for fifteen years, we have indentified the people here and abroad who play pivotal roles.

We have increased our booking to three rooms all day. The main room will be the Small Conference Room at Friends House, opposite Euston Station, London. We are very pleased indeed to find that all but one of the key players are coming to lecture to you on 28th October 2000. See the list of speakers.

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