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Norman Dennis His key book is "Rising Crime and the Dismembered Family", pub. I.E.A. 1993, from tel 020 71 799 3745 click here
Prof. Stephen Baskerville (USA) Lecturer in law, Howard University. Writer and broadcaster in the U.S.A. click here
Erin Pizzey Founded the first refuge for battered women, in Chiswick Her key book is "Prone to Violence", available on the www (click here)

Hear Talk

Mary Cleary
AMEN (Ireland)
Founded the first refuge for battered men (where I have stayed - Ivor Catt)  
Dr. Patricia Morgan Researcher, writer and broadcaster. Her key book is "Farewell to the Family?", pub. I.E.A. 1995/99, from tel. 020 71 799 3745 click here
Dr. Malcolm George Researcher in University College, London. Specialises in violence and in brain research. click here
Dr. Aidan Rankin (LSE) Co-Editor, "New European" click here
Mr van Bekkum (Holland) Anthropologist click here
Lynette Burrows Writer and broadcaster. Her key book is "The Fight for the Family", 1998/99, from fameduc@aol.com click here
Dr. Gupta Police Surgeon. Also trains investigators into rape and child abuse.  
Eugen Hockenjos Researcher. His key article "A good man is hard to find" in The Guardian 20mar96 ; "How will Tommy learn to care if he has no access to male role models?" click here
Oliver Cyriax (INPOWw) Spent ten years working towards reform of the Court Welfare Service. click here
John Waters (Irish Times) Writer and Broadcaster. Probably a videotape of his stunning speech at the 2nd International Conference organised by Mary Cleary.  
Prisoner Hanson A taped message from the man who was enmeshed in the family courts for years, and reacted by murdering his wife. click here
Josephine Morris Rape Barrister -- Concerned about possible wrong convictions.  
Jad Risbridger (AAFAA) Broadcaster. Supplied by the False Allegation organisation, tel 01788 911912.  
Top Quaker
Asked to explain why family breakdown and the crisis for young men is banned from the Quaker Universe of Discourse. (The conference is in Quaker headquarters.)
The list above does not represent the order in which speakers will address the conference. Listing correct as at 25/10/2000, 13:10 GMT.

Saturday 28 October 9.30 am
Friend's House Euston Road WC1 London

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